Well, to be quiet honest I feel like I can now. I'm thirty one years old, I've been a student, an entrepreneur, a small business owner, a boss, an employee, a boyfriend, a son, a brother, a friend, a success and a failure. During all of those roles I have played throughout my life, many things have remained consistent, with one of those being: each of those roles I have had to adapt around my cerebral palsy.

I've attempted many different ways to figure out different areas of my life, with most of the time falling directly on my face but on occasion I stumble on something that actually works! Whether it be something as concrete as a physically easier way to prepare and cook healthier meals to safety mechanisms to life's harder endeavors such as job hunting or dealing with the occasional small minded bigot.

By all means, I do not even want to try to portray that somehow these are golden rules. These are stories, techniques, lessons I've learned from failures and lessons I've learned from successes. My only hope is to share with others in my shoes or similar my experiences to learn from.