My Desktop Operating System of Choice

Up until 2016, you could find two computers on my desk, an iMac running the latest version of macOS and a desktop running Ubuntu. However, over the past few years I’ve noticed like many others have that Ubuntu has been getting more and more commercialized and bloated. So last year I switched out my Ubuntu desktop for pure Debian and I haven’t looked back!
I’ve always used my Macs mainly for personal computing ex music, pictures, typical web browsing, etc. But I’ve always been a fan of writing my own scripts and running my own databases for both personal and business tasks, usually either in Python or PHP with a MariaDB backend (unless it was a large data set, then I’d use Amazon Web Services’ DynamoDB service) hence why I’ve always had a dedicated Linux workstation.

One of the reasons why I love Debian is because the developers have consciously done their best to keep it clean and light, yet almost every major Linux application supports it.

If someone would make me choose between my Mac and Linux desktops, I think I would have to choose Linux just because you can get a lot more power for the cost and virtually everything that is supported on Mac but isn’t supported in Linux, I can find a web based equivalent to.