Adminer: An Open Source MySQL Management Tool

I still use MySQL or MariaDB for most of my personal development projects. It’s quick and easy to setup and maintain and it’s usually good enough for whatever I’m doing. However, one of the things that I have always hated is writing my own CREATE and ALTER statements. I’m fine with all the other queries but those two have always been a pain for me.
On the desktop, in the older days I used to exclusively use Navicat but ever since Oracle redeveloped MySQL Workbench, I’ve been using it for the last several years. It’s quite honestly one of the best GUI tools for MySQL that I’ve seen.

Then a while ago, I came across an open source project called Adminer. It’s a tool that evolved from the management system, phpMyAdmin. The greatest thing about it is the whole system is contained in a single PHP file so to use it, you just put it in your web server directory, navigate to it in your web browser, login using your existing database credentials and you’re in.

I’ll admit that it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing tool in the world but it gets the job done!