Safari has Gotten Password Management Nailed

Some of you may know that I’m doing an experiment where I’m trying to use my iPad Pro as my primary computer for a year.
One of the things that I was pleasantly surprised about is Safari’s built in password manager. Every time I go to create a new account somewhere on my iPad,

Safari has this nice button above the keyboard saying, “Suggest Password” and it generates a long, random password for me.

Now, I’m a big fan of Lastpass and 1 Password but they fail my “dad test”. My dad test being: is this easy enough that I could get my dad to use it? And unfortunately, I still don’t think that password managers have gotten mobile right. Nonetheless, I don’t know anybody that aren’t tech people that are willing to pay for an additional subscription (no matter how cheap) for something that makes their life harder.

But I really think that Apple did it right. They made it simple, free and secure. I sincerely hope that other browsers can follow!